India! The night bus from Nong Khai to Bangkok, a plane from Bangkok to buzzing Mumbai dodging the thick black clouds of the monsoon. From Mumbai, I took a bus to Pune to visit my cousin. After a great stay, I fought for a day to get a train ticket for the sleeper class to Delhi (I wanted to get north). I got my ticket and boarded a train next morning.

Travelling from Pune to Delhi in the cheap sleeper class was one of the best things I’ve done lately. A group of young muslim boys travelling from the very south to Delhi for 2 days took me in, shared their food, prayed and studied by my side and curiously observed everything I was doing. Being the only foreigner I enjoyed plenty of attention (apparently all foreigners book the AC train), but only of the good kind. I felt safe and looked after. After hearing some stories mentioning unfriendly people in India, this experience warmed my little traveller heart and prepared me for what was next. I managed to get some good shots of this special world on a train during my 27 hours on rails. A curious and mind-boggling fact: It is said that every day around 17,5 million people travel by train in India.

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  • johnportugal

    Wow !! Great pictures. You know now why people return again and again to India.

  • Wolfgang

    Wow yeah. That are two of the 1000 faces of India. Go to tourist places and you meet a lot of people who only wanna suck the whiteskin. You regard it’s dirty and crowded. Reduced to money they think you have to give them and it is never enough you will hate India. Go to other places and meet the common people and you feel such warm hearts around you, you will never forget. On our first touristik steps on a tour along the touristik places we hate India. After driving train III class, a couchsurf with learning eating food with the hand on the right way, eating Thali in simple restaurants like the common people – you learn to love India so much… Especially that warm hearted fealing, a real deep friendship you can find in just a few minutes, feeling absolutely safe between the poor people f.e. in a III class train like you did … we will never forget… thank you for refreshing our memories 🙂
    Whish you to meet a lot of the good ones of the 1000 faces of incredible India and enjoy it! India is still the most impressing region we’ve been travelling on our worldtrip.