I’ve been on the road for 6 month, bartered in 4 countries and took 150 short video snippets on my way. It started pretty randomly and I knew I’d want do something with video, but only half way through New Zealand did I start to collect footage more frequently. I took me some time to figure out what it would be, but recently it just came naturally. I edited my snippets in a chronological order, in a “me” perspective rushing from place to place in an attempt of trying to capture the hectic change of environment when you travel and the silence in between. It’s a conceptual journey through moments in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the first 2 weeks in Thailand. This video is like time travelling for me and shows my family & friends some things that words can’t describe. It’s a glimpse of “my” everywhere. Head straight to Vimeo for HD. Let me know about your favourite scenes in the comments. Happy travelling!

To be continued…

  • so good! 😀

  • jule

    i loved the wind and rain in Indonesia. hugs from Cambodia! ju xx

  • Amanda Bimonti

    all images are wonderful and shows a very inspiring way of living!