Lukas Portrait
Costa Rica (2016)
Hey. My name is Lukas. I'm a nomadic media professional specialising in writing code and spent over 2 years travelling the world, mostly bartering my skills. I can design and develop websites, provide art direction and photography or edit and animate things on video. I do it for a living for the last decade and I think I am fairly good at it. Check my portfolio.

Update (2017): I’m currently working as CTO for NuMundo and am not accepting any barter offers. If you’re looking for work-trades or volunteers for your sustainable project or ecovillage, make sure to list it on our platform

I grew up in Europe, was blessed with a multilingual environment and a beach close to home. From 2006 on I lived and worked in Berlin – for the best hotel in the world, for advertising, founded a non-profit music project, wrote a blog, played music and people danced to it. I love working in front of a computer and office life isn’t too bad either, but something was missing. Other cultures, experiences, Nature, everything that’s out there and so close, but still sometimes far away if life is keeping you busy. I felt like I’m building my bubble with a lot of things I don’t need and fears of things I shouldn’t actually be afraid of. It was more about a Work-Work balance than a Work-Life balance, which is of course my own fault, but made me wonder if the creative industry got it right in the first place. I decided to change everything and had an idea.

“Good Things Everywhere” was born: Doing what I’m good at as an exchange for what other people are good at. Bartering my skills for whatever is offered and I can agree on. My vision of traveling around the world, contributing to projects I love.

How does it work?

If you run a non-profit, community project, sustainable business or an eco-village and need a new website, updates on the current one or some of the other things I can do, you should get in touch. If you can cover my travel expenses and provide accommodation I could be on my way soon.

What can I offer?

Development and design work for websites and web apps optimised for all devices. I can create your Social Media strategy, help out with Photography or animate things on Video. Also, I’m not too bad with Graphic Design, I can easily mock up some contact cards to go with your new website or design a flyer. I speak and translate in German, English and Portuguese, speak good Spanish and a petit peau of French. I can also host your website for you and provide safe backups and regular updates.

For the geeks amongst you – I’m a front-end engineer using modern technologies writing markup in valid HTML code, writing styles in SASS and use responsive frameworks such as Bootstrap or Foundation. I’m a WordPress expert, know Node.js, Jade, MongoDB and MySQL, while I also play well with all client-side Javascript. I automate my tasks with Gulp and trigger version control with Git. I work with a mobile-first approach and am all about a good workflow (Sublime Text + Total Terminal + Gulp). See some of my work or say Hi on Github.

Key Visual by Georgia Hill