After the mountains it was good to be back to the coast. Jervis Bay is a beautiful place with plenty of beaches, a national park, lots to see and experience, and still uncrowded at this time of the year. I was headed straight to the bay because of a promising first little project for a friend of a friend (now a friend). I had been in touch with Ben, who also runs the Paperbark Camp (pretty cool safari-style luxury accommodation) for the last years and that had a pretty funky idea. Together with a business partner he founded Flash Camp, a new festival camping experience for Australia. Here’s what they say: “After a long, thrilling day retire back to Camp and enjoy exclusive use of our environmental toilet and shower facilities, fine staff service, massage and a communal area to be envied.”. Nice indeed, who didn’t already think of being able to enjoy a music festival more comfortably without booking a hotel in the area or going through hygiene hazards. Glastonbury has the VIP section for years and Flash Camp is a great alternative if you want to enjoy a festival with some more amenities. The visual approach for the project is very arty and Ben got the amazingly talented german Illustrator Stephie involved (check out her work here, pretty darn good). I liked the whole idea, they’re planning the company in a very eco-friendly manner and launching the camp at Falls Festival in Byron Bay. So here i was in beautiful Jervis Bay, they’re planning a full website soon and need to get things going. Ben and his family invited me to their home, cooked me amazing food, took me out for sightseeing, beach and to dinner. In exchange i worked on the website concept, built an interactive wireframe to speed up content planning, gave a lot of technical and conceptional advice and helped on the customer communication structure. Thanks Ben, Irena and Jeremy for some great days in the bay, i felt at home.

Here are some moods of the Flash Camp experience and a picture of my amazing hosts with Illustrator Stephie. Be sure to visit




I also managed to get some snaps from around the Paperbark Camp and around Jervis Bay, just keep scrolling. What followed was a long drive (Australia is BIG) down the coast from New South Wales to Melbourne in Victoria (where i am now), i got some great shots and a Photography post is coming up soonish. See you soon!