Hi. My name is Lukas. I'm a freelance web developer and spent the last two years travelling the world bartering my skills.

I barter with non-profits, community projects, sustainable businesses or eco-villages and if you can cover my travel expenses and provide accommodation, I could be on my way soon. You could also hire me, bartering doesn’t pay the bills. You should read more about me, look at my travel journal, check out my portfolio or explore the world.

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NuMundo Platform


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Latest travel journal


How I transformed my life through travel

My travel project “Good Things Everywhere” was the single most enriching life event I can remember, a real game changer… 2 years of non-stop travel, experiences, people, countries, languages, interesting work and challenging situations. I say ‘was’, because now it changed into something else, the…


Summer in Europe

Wow, it’s been a crazy few month! I only left South America in June and am back to Chile since late August, after my tourist visa in Brazil expired and I was forced to exit. Until June I bartered with the startup NuMundo near Valparaíso in Chile, and then left for Europe. With plans of…


NuMundo – Building a platform for the new world in Chile

In early April, I crossed Brazil and Argentina and arrived in Santiago de Chile, after almost 5 month in Brazil, living and working at the eco-village Piracanga in Bahia. I had heard about Project Nuevo Mundo, now suitably rebranded to NuMundo, while volunteering at Boom…

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