Hi. My name is Lukas. I travel the world designing and developing online work as an exchange for something you have to offer or want to teach me.

I trade my work for a room for the night, travel expenses or anything good really. If you like the idea and run a non-profit or a friendly business, want to teach me yoga or everything about cooking, we should meet. I take lots of photos and write about my experiences in my journal and occasionally play music and people dance to it.

Read more about me and why I do this, see past trades, explore my map or get in touch.

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I'm currently trading my work with the eco village Piracanga, home of the Inkiri community located on the coast near Itacaré, Bahia, Brazil. Piracanga focusses on sustainable living, permaculture principles and organises retreats, workshops and gatherings around healing, education and spirituality. I'll be providing website development support for various projects.

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Latest travel journal


2014 on the road. Some photos…

2014 was a blessed year spent on the road and many changes have manifested in my life, plans were made and changed again, many countries visited while meeting a multitude of people and giving my best bartering my skills. I’m in love with the simplicity of what I’ve achieved with my …


Wind, Sand and Kitesurfing in Tatajuba, Brazil

Tatajuba feels a bit like the end of the world. It’s a small settlement far out on the coast in the northeast of Brazil – the roads are made of sand, loose pigs and goats wander around searching for something edible and the strong winds blow away whatever isn’t bolted …

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