Current location: Lagos, Portugal
Next stop: Leiden, Netherlands
Hi. My name is Lukas. I travel the world designing and developing online work as an exchange for something you have to offer or want to teach me.

I trade my work for a room for the night, a diving course or anything good really. If you like the idea and run a business like a hotel or a hostel, want to teach me yoga or everything about cooking, we should meet. I also like to help charitable projects and occasionally play music and people dance to it.

Read more about me and this project, look at my past work or contact me.

Latest travel journal


10 days of silence

From all the countries I’ve visited and things I’ve done the last 9 months, one of the most astounding experiences was to spend 10 days in complete silence, meditating 10 hours every day. I attended a Vipassana course at the Dhamma Bodhi International Meditation Centre in Bodh Gaya, a famous …


27 hours to Delhi

India! The night bus from Nong Khai to Bangkok, a plane from Bangkok to buzzing Mumbai dodging the thick black clouds of the monsoon. From Mumbai, I took a bus to Pune to visit my cousin. After a great stay, I fought for a day to get a train ticket for …

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