Hi. My name is Lukas. I travel the world designing and developing online work as an exchange for something you have to offer or want to teach me.

I trade my work for a room for the night, travel expenses or anything good really. If you like the idea and run a non-profit or a friendly business, want to teach me yoga or everything about cooking, we should meet. I take lots of photos and write about my experiences in my journal and occasionally play music and people dance to it.

Read more about me and why I do this, see past trades, explore my map or get in touch.

Current project

Project Nuevo Mundo

Current project logo
I'm currently trading my skills with Project Nuevo Mundo in Chile, which is being funded by the Startup Chile program. The project aims at creating a network of ecovillages, consciousness centers, travelers and volunteers to advance the development of a new world. I'll be supporting PNM in building their application during my stay and they are covering my expenses.

Right now

Latest travel journal


Piracanga – Life in an Ecovillage

I’m back on the road and my journal is back too. I’m truly thankful for the last four month and found a new home in Piracanga, an ecovillage and human development centre on the Brazilian coast in Bahia. It’s been the longest I’ve stayed anywhere since I started my journey …



My journey now lasts 1 year and 4 month and I’ve been travelling and working in over 11 countries. I’m still in Piracanga in Brazil and finally took the time to continue my video series. We start where I left you in part one in which I travelled from Germany to Australia, New Zealand, …

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