Current location: Leiden, Netherlands
Next stop: Fortaleza, Brazil
Hi. My name is Lukas. I travel the world designing and developing online work as an exchange for something you have to offer or want to teach me.

I trade my work for a room for the night, a diving course or anything good really. If you like the idea and run a business like a hotel or a hostel, want to teach me yoga or everything about cooking, we should meet. I also like to help charitable projects and occasionally play music and people dance to it.

Read more about me and this project, look at my past work or contact me.

Latest travel journal


India – A transformative experience (Part 2)

India. For my first article about India, I shared my extensive route in just two month, took you on a train ride to Delhi, to the Ghats in Varanasi and up to Himalayan mountains in the north. For part two, I interviewed some Indian friends about why locals often want …


India – A transformative experience (Part I)

India. The second most populous country of the world, thousands of years of history and culture, a multitude of languages and uncountable dialects, utter variety of religions and customs, stretching from tropical beaches and dry planes to the high peaks and fertile rich forests of the Himalayan mountains. India is …

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