Current location: Krabi, Thailand
Next stop: Khanom, Thailand
Hi. My name is Lukas. I travel the world designing and developing online work as an exchange for something you have to offer or want to teach me.

I trade my work for a room for the night, a diving course or anything good really. If you like the idea and run a business like a hotel or a hostel, want to teach me yoga or everything about cooking, we should meet. I also like to help charitable projects and occasionally play music and people dance to it.

Read more about me and this project, look at my past work or contact me.

Latest travel journal


A website for the Community Recycling Network Aotearoa

My journey from Queenstown led me to Waiheke Island, just a 30 minute ferry ride from Auckland’s busy center. The Community Recycling Network of New Zealand invited me to build a website and would be hosting me on the island. My new project for the “Auckland Community Resource Recovery Network”, …


When we walked through clouds

White clouds of all shapes perform an eternal dance through Aotearoa’s south island fiords, from the rain-soaked rainforest valleys of the west coast up to the mighty mountain ranges around Mount Cook in the interior. Snow-topped mountains, thousands of meters in height, mirror in extensive lakes both in their depth …

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