My journey now lasts 1 year and 4 month and I’ve been travelling and working in over 11 countries. I’m still in Piracanga in Brazil and finally took the time to continue my video series. We start where I left you in part one in which I travelled from Germany to Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia to Thailand. We take off on that amazing lake in Khao Sok National Park in Thailand and continue to many places in India, a brief visit in a German village, a music festival in Portugal, a city centre in the Netherlands up to the windy coastlines near Jericoacoara in Brazil. The video ends where I am now, in Piracanga, an eco village and human development centre on the coasts of Bahia.

A GLIMPSE OF EVERYWHERE invites you to be an observer on my journey and I share moments I recorded during my travels. I don’t comment and I almost don’t show up. It’s not about me, it’s about what I see. A small tribute to the immense beauty and magical diversity on our planet, a tribute to travel. Enjoy and head straight to Vimeo for HD!